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By providing foundational digital, business and financial literacy skill training and mentoring to women-led micro and small businesses in Malaysia and Indonesia.

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Supporting Women in Business

Whether you are a new business owner, thinking of starting a business, or a seasoned entrepreneur, Accelerate has something to help you gain valuable skills to support you in participating in the digital economy in a post-pandemic world!

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Foundational Digital, Business & Financial Literacy skills


6,000 Women-led Micro & Small Enterprises


Through training and mentoring


Entrepreneurs in Malaysia and Indonesia


To participate in the digital economy in a post-pandemic world


February – September 2022


Malaysian Entrepreneurs


Indonesian Entrepreneurs

Come join our growing community of Women Entrepreneurs and network while learning!

About Us

Accelerating Women-led Businesses

Accelerate is targeted to women who are considering starting a small business as well as small business owners who want to learn the basics of digital, business and financial literacy skills.

It provides practical instructions on starting and running a business and include activities, worksheets, self-assessments, glossaries, and additional resources to refer to along the way.

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What we Offer

Which Type of Entrepreneur Are You?

Learn from the experiences of others to deepen your knowledge and learning.

Aspiring Entrepreneur

Have you ever wanted to start your own business but did not know how? Have you had that passion or hobby that you wanted to generate an income from but do not know where to start?

Join Accelerate to learn how you can turn your skills, experience and passion into a business.

You will learn important steps on deciding on the right idea, identifying your business model, finding your customers and getting it up and running!

Beginner Entrepreneur

You have just started your business and things are not going well especially after the pandemic. You are not even sure if your business is going to survive. Or your business is doing ok but you want to grow it but have no idea how.

Join Accelerate to take a good look at your business and see how you can rethink or reimagine your business idea/model to find new customer bases or discover new opportunities that can help you take your business to the next level.

Seasoned Entrepreneur

You have been in business for many years and your business is well established. However, the pandemic has either made things really difficult or present new opportunities in the digital economy that you are facing challenges adapting to.

Accelerate can help bring you up to date with the skills you need to rejuvenate your business or take advantage of new opportunities in the digital economy that can help grow and strengthen your business in the years to come.

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Can I Join?

Eligibility Criteria

Come join us if you are :

  • A resident of Malaysia or Indonesia
  • Female
  • Aged 18 and above
  • Already own a business OR ready to launch a business within the next 3 months
  • Committed to grow your business and adopt digitalization
  • Have stable internet connection via a smartphone or laptop
  • Able to commit to the program for at least a month with online engagements of up to 2 times a week for at least 3 hours per session

Program Overview

The program comprises of an Immersion phase and an Implementation phase that is supported by Mentoring for a limited number of participants.


The Immersion phase contains valuable learning modules in the areas of :

  • Entrepreneurship and Business Literacy Skills
  • Financial Literacy Skills
  • Digital Literacy Skills

All content in the Immersion program is available in English, Bahasa Malaysia and Bahasa Indonesia.

Content is presented in an easy to understand, fun interactive way that is also mobile friendly.


The Implementation phase of the program focuses on supporting the participants in the post-Immersion phase.
This is done in 3 ways :

  • Further resources for self-learning available through the Accelerate learning portal
  • Join the 2 month Mentoring program available to a limited number of participants
  • Join our social media channels through Facebook, Instagram, Telegram and WhatsApp to continue interacting with the Secretariat and other participants to network and learn.

How Can I Join?


Joining the Accelerate community and program is easy. Here is how :
  1. Click here to register
  2. Complete a simple questionnaire
  3. You will be provided with guidance on the most suitable Immersion program for you
  4. Complete the learning there either via :
    • Self-paced learning
    • Joining one of our Accelerate online Immersion sessions (refer to Calendar)
    • Complete the Immersion Program online
    • Download your certificate
    • Let us know if you wish to join the Mentoring phase!


Once you complete the Immersion and get your certificate, we welcome you to continue learning and participating in the other useful learning modules we have for you while you go about implementing your new skillsets :
  • Log in and continue learning through the resources section of the Accelerate learning portal
  • Access further support by saying “YES” to the Mentoring program and submitting your application for it! Do it fast as places are limited!
  • Join our social media channels through Facebook, Instagram, Telegram and WhatsApp to continue interacting with the Secretariat and other participants to network and learn. Join our social media channels and share your journey and experience!

Program Timeline

When is all this happening?

Feb 2022-Jul 2022


Mar 2022-Sep 2022


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