#JadiSavvy Speaker Series: Understanding Cyber Security for Small Businesses with Sanjay Verma and Suraya Zainudin

APR. 20, 2022by Startup Malaysia

Over 40% of cyber attacks are targeted to small businesses and it is crucial for entrepreneurs to stay on top of how to keep their businesses safe online as more businesses are having to pivot in conducting their business digitally. In this month’s Accelerate #JadiSavvy Speaker Series, we discover key insights from AT&T’s cyber security expert Sanjay Verma, as well as guest speaker Suraya Zainudin from Ringgit Oh Ringgit on how to protect your business from cyber threats.

As the world shifts more and more into the digital age catalyzed by the Covid-19 pandemic, small business owners are becoming more aware that they need to have a presence online. Often times this means setting up their business website, social media channels and optimizing their communications through digital platforms. Interestingly, a staggering number of organizations are still making cybersecurity mistakes such as creating passwords that are too easy to hack or not using two factor authentications for their business accounts. This provides a gateway for hackers to execute various types of cyber attacks, malware, ransomware, phishing and DDoS.

Below are some key takeaways we gathered from the sharing session:

  • Cyber attacks can cause financial losses for businesses and intellectual property. Small businesses are more vulnerable to cyber attacks due to their oversight of keeping their businesses protected with the right set of tools and software to safeguard their digital assets.
  • The most basic ways to protect your business from cyber attacks is to ensure taking crucial steps such as using a password protector, installing an antivirus software, ignoring suspicious emails, securing your wifi network and backing up your data.
  • Cyber hackers are getting increasingly crafty with their tactics to steal data and business owners should always remain vigilant to these threats.

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